Circle’s Release of the Week: Jason Aldean’s Highway Desperado Album

Get ready to hop in your car, roll down the windows and crank up the radio because Jason Aldean‘s 11th studio album, “HIGHWAY DESPERADO,” is officially here! This album consists of 14 tracks, including some of Aldean’s recent hits like “Tough Crowd” and “Try That in a Small Town.”

Stream the album:

Here’s the full tracklist for “HIGHWAY DESPERADO”:

  1. “Tough Crowd”
  2. “Let Your Boys Be Country”
  3. “Knew You’d Come Around”
  4. “Hungover in a Hotel”
  5. “Try That in a Small Town”
  6. “Whiskey Drink”
  7. “Whose Rearview”
  8. “I’m Over You”
  9. “Rather Watch You”
  10. “Breakup Breakdown”
  11. “Get Away From You”
  12. “Changing Bars”
  13. “From This Beer On”
  14. “Highway Desperado”

Whether you’re planning a road trip or just need some country music to brighten your day, give Jason Aldean’s “HIGHWAY DESPERADO” a spin. It’s like having your own personal soundtrack for the open road and the good times ahead!