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Cody Johnson Pays Tribute to His Wife in New Single “The Painter”

With Cody Johnson’s upcoming song “The Painter” set to debut soon, fans are being treated to glimpses of an affectionate love note woven into the lyrics.

In a recent Instagram post, Johnson paid tribute to his wife, Brandi, with his newest single “The Painter.” The heartfelt lyrics symbolizes the positivity she has infused into his life throughout their relationship.

In the video, Johnson presents black and white snapshots featuring himself and his wife cherishing special moments over the years. The video concludes with a vibrant, full-color photo of him and his family, harmonizing seamlessly with the lyrics of the new song.

Johnson sings, “I don’t remember / life before she came into the picture / Brought the beauty I was missing with her / Showed me colors I ain’t ever seen / She took chances / With every wall I built she saw a canvas / I thank god every day for how he made her / My life was black and white but she’s the painter.”

The affectionate ballad is set to make its debut on August 11th and will serve as the lead single from his upcoming album.

Looking ahead, Cody Johnson is gearing up to join Luke Combs for the international segment of his extensive 2023 World Tour. Resuming the tour on August 9, this leg will take Johnson to Australia and New Zealand.