Colbie Caillat Announces Her Debut Country Album ‘Along the Way’

Colbie Caillat is going country, y’all!

The album, titled ‘Along the Way’, marks Caillat’s first solo country release. The project is produced by Jamie Kenny and all songs have been written or co-written by Caillat herself.

While the highly anticipated project is set to debut on September 22, Colbie Caillat is already offering her fans a glimpse of what’s in store with the release of a new single titled “Pretend.”

“This song started as a half-chorus that I wrote in my bedroom about looking back on the good times in a relationship so you can re-live them again,” she said in her announcement.

Within her album ‘Along the Way,’ Colbie Caillat explores a recurring theme of resilience in the face of relationship endings, emphasizing the importance of self-recovery and reflecting on the positive aspects of past experiences. Throughout the album, Caillat delves into the complexities of moving forward and cherishing the moments of joy even though at times it may seem difficult.

Colbie Caillat’s Along the Way Track List:

1. “Wide Open”
2. “Pretend”
3. “Worth It”
4. “Sometimes You Need a Change”
5. “For Someone”
6. “Meant for Me”
7. “Still Gonna Miss You”
8. “I’ll Be Here”
9. “Buying Time”
10. “Blue”
11. “Two Birds”
12. “Old and New”