Country Singers Who Have Their Own Alcohol Brand

Did you know that country artists are not just known for their music but have also ventured into other areas? It might be surprising to some fans, but many of them have explored other career interests beyond country music.

It’s fascinating to discover that quite a few country music stars have made their way into the world of alcoholic beverages, creating their own impressive brands.

If you’re looking for something unique, here’s a list of alcohol brands owned by some well-loved country stars. They offer a diverse selection, including beer, liquor, whiskey, and wine.

Luke Bryan’s Two Lane Lager And Two Lane Seltzer

Luke Bryan collaborated with Constellation Brand to develop a refreshing beverage option for those who want to relax and savor a light beer that goes down smoothly. Bryan’s creation, Two Lane Hard Seltzer, offers an array of four delightful flavors: cherry limeade, peach tea, blueberry lemonade, and watermelon punch.

Miranda Lambert’s Red 55 Winery

Miranda Lambert’s Red 55 Wines proudly showcase a captivating emblem of wings and pistols, perfectly capturing the essence of the country superstar’s unique flair and individuality. Within this remarkable collection, fans are presented with a selection of seven distinct wines, each including intriguing names such as Kerosene and White Liar.

Brandi Carlile’s XOBC Cellars Wine

Carlile established XOBC Cellars alongside her wife, Catherine, and their friends, Amy and Jeri Andrews. What sets this brand apart is that a portion of every purchase made from XOBC Cellars is dedicated to supporting Carlile’s Looking Out Foundation.

Kenny Chesney’s Blue Chair Bay Rum

Kenny Chesney hooks you up with loads of flavor options with his Blue Chair Bay Rum. Whether you’re into Pineapple and Coconut or Banana and Key Lime, you can’t go wrong with any choice from this lineup. The whole thing is inspired by the beachy vibes of the “Summertime” singer’s life, and it’s all made down in the Caribbean with real molasses, sugarcane, and other natural flavoring.

Eric Church’s Single Barrel Select By Jack Daniels

Eric teamed up with Jack Daniel’s Whiskey to drop an exclusive release called the Special Edition Eric Church Single Barrel. With a solid 94 proof, this whiskey is absolutely ideal for toasting with your buddies, family gatherings, or even rocking it out on stage in front of a massive crowd of fans!

Tanya Tucker’s Cosa Salvaje Tequila

Cosa Salvaje, meaning “wild thing” in Spanish, is a refined silver spirit crafted by the Partida Distillery, a family-owned establishment located in Jalisco, Mexico. This tequila is distilled from mature Blue Agave plants, resulting in a delightful fusion of smoothness and crispness. Additionally, each bottle of Cosa Salvaje is thoughtfully created using recycled glass materials, adding an eco-friendly touch to its appeal.

George Strait’s Codigo 1530

George Strait, founded Código 1530 a few years back alongside some friends due to his love for tequila. He even recorded a song titled “Código 1530” to show his devotion. Each bottle of Código 1530 tequila is meticulously crafted using Mexican bubbled glass and features a distinctive Jerusalem Cross on its shoulder and base. This iconic symbol represents the Jalisco region, where the tequila is produced.

Cole Swindell’s Sugarlands Shine

Cole Swindell has collaborated with Sugarlands Distilling Company to produce Peppermint Moonshine and Pre-Show Punch. These unique liquors, with alcohol content of 100-proof and 50-proof, are part of a series of exclusive partnerships by Sugarlands.

Jake Owen’s Beach Whiskey

Jake Owen finds his musical inspiration and whiskey preference intertwined with the beach. Owen introduces his American Beach whiskey, available in two enticing flavors: Island Coconut, packaged in a captivating blue bottle, and Bonfire Cinnamon, enclosed in a fiery red bottle. Now, cocktail versions of the whiskey are available as well.