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Country Stars and Their Favorite NFL Teams

Country music and the NFL share something special in common—dedicated fan bases! There’s a roster of country music stars who aren’t afraid to show their support when it comes to their favorite NFL teams, so here’s a glimpse of some beloved country singers who proudly wear their team colors:

Brad Paisley– The Cleveland Browns

Brad Paisley is a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan. You’ll often catch him donning their jerseys and even showing up at their training sessions. He’s not just a music legend but also a die-hard Browns supporter, singing his heart out for his team!

Darius Rucker– The Miami Dolphins

Darius Rucker’s devotion to the Miami Dolphins knows no bounds. So much so, that he’s even mentioned it in his music.

Most people may not know, but in Hootie & The Blowfish’s hit song, “Only Wanna Be With You,” Rucker famously sings, “I’m such a baby cause the dolphins make me cry,” which is actually a referance to how sad he gets when the Miami Dolphins lose a game.

“Sports have been so important to me. Especially football,” Rucker said in an interview with The Sports Credential. “I’ve been a football and a Miami Dolphins fan since I was five-years-old.”

Blake Shelton– The Arizona Cardinals

Blake Shelton’s love for the Arizona Cardinals runs deep, folks! He’s taken his fandom to a whole new level, creating a dedicated “man cave” at home, adorned with all things Cardinals. And if that’s not enough to show his dedication, he and his wife, Gwen Stefani, have been spotted on date nights cheering for the Cardinals at Sunday Night Football games.

Luke Combs – Carolina Panthers

It’s no shocker that Luke Combs, a true-blue Carolina native, is a die-hard Carolina Panthers superfan. He’s been spotted numerous times both on and off the field, whether he’s tossing the ball himself or simply savoring moments with his all-time favorite team. When it comes to showing his Panthers pride, Luke’s the real MVP!