Country Stars Who Surprisingly Don’t Live in Nashville

Nashville may be known as the Music City and home to all things country music, but these country artists have laid their roots elsewhere! Here’s a short list of some of those artists who don’t live in Music City!

1. Blake Shelton

While we may see Blake Shelton in and out of Nashville, this Oklahoma native now resides with his wife, Gwen Stefani, and their kids on a 1,300-acre Oklahoma ranch! We’d say that’s a pretty great location to get a break from the city life! Their ranch resides in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. They juggle their time between Oklahoma and Los Angeles, but this ranch played a key role in the foundation of their relationship! See below for a funny clip of Blake enjoying his time on his ranch!

@blakeshelton Got my old friend out of the barn today!!! It’s Kubota time people. Kubota time…. #kubota #farming ♬ original sound – Blake Shelton

2. Cody Johnson

This Texas native is staying true to his Texas roots. Cody Johnson states that he wanted to stay true to the cowboy lifestyle that raised him. Even though he may be on tour, Cody Johnson always has his home to return to.

@cojonation Looks like she wants to dance, I wouldn’t want to miss our chance #WorkBoots ♬ Work Boots – Cody Johnson

3. George Strait

Texas seems to be a popular place of residence for country artists as the King of Country currently resides in a beautiful ranch in San Antonio, Texas! He actually owns multiple properties in Texas in areas such as Boerne and others. If there is any true definition of a cowboy, George Strait would be it!

@georgestrait “I was a young Troubadour.” #GeorgeStrait #Troubadour #CountryMusic ♬ Troubadour – George Strait