Photo: Crocs

Croc Launches Cowboy Boots, Complete With Spurs— and You’ll Never Guess How Much They Are

The functional shoe brand, Crocs, is embracing the Western ways with the launch of their new creation: the Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot.

Priced at $120, these boots are set to hit the company’s online store and select Crocs retail locations on October 23, coinciding with their annual “Croctober” celebration.

These cowboy boots are a visual spectacle, combining traditional western-inspired embroidery, shiny spurs, and a unique “crocskin” texture according to Crocs official website. Of course, they still have the signature ventilation holes that have become a defining feature of Crocs footwear.

What truly sets these boots apart are the bold design elements. From the croc-like texture to the intricate western-themed stitching, these boots demand attention. Shiny metallic charms adorn them, featuring stars and the unmistakable “crocs” logo. Notably, the boots come equipped with a spin-able spur charm, making them unlike anything Crocs has released before.

This is undoubtedly an unexpected development in the world of fashion, but there’s no doubt that wearing these will make a bold fashion statement.