Dan + Shay Announce New Single That Discusses the Future of Their Band

Dan + Shay are ready to start a new chapter.

The band has recently announced their upcoming single, “Always Gonna Be,” which delves into the conversations and realizations they shared while choosing to continue their musical journey together.

Over the last year, the duo has encountered a series of personal and professional transformations. They candidly shared with their fans the challenges they faced, including the possibility of a breakup and their contemplation of leaving the music scene in early 2022. Nevertheless, as they delved into discussions about their future, their unwavering dedication to their fans, and their passion for music changed their perspective. This realization became the driving force behind their highly awaited album, “Bigger Houses.”

“One of the most important things we talked about that night was our responsibility to our fans who have been with us through every high and low of the past 10 years,” they shared in a handwritten letter on Instagram.

“Whether we decided to call it quits or dive headfirst into a new chapter, we felt that we owed it to our fans to make peace with the idea of Dan + Shay in our hearts,” they added. “No matter the outcome, the music we created together would live on forever, and we wanted to be able to celebrate that rather than look back in vain.”

The duo went on to say that when thinking about how much their music means to people, they couldn’t end things.

“The moment that it all clicked and we knew we had to keep going was when we reflected on what our music has meant to people,” they said. “When you’re running a million miles an hour, sometimes it’s hard to see in real time, but right then it had never been more clear.”

After reflection on both parts, the band is back and stronger than ever before.

The talented duo is all set to release their fifth album, titled Bigger Houses, which is set for release on September 15th. Fans can begin pre-ordering now.

New music isn’t the only exciting thing that the band has in store, however. It was recently announced that Dan + Shay will become coaches on ‘The Voice’ for 25th season, set to air in spring 2024.