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Dolly Parton Is Turning Her Life Story Into a Broadway Musical

Soon, Dolly Parton will bring the sparkle to Broadway.

During a recent conversation with ABC’s Robin Roberts, the country music icon shared her intention to bring her life story to the Broadway stage.

“I am working on my life story on Broadway,” she said. “I’m hoping to be on Broadway in the spring of ’25.”

Dolly revealed that she had initially intended for this project to be released a few years back, but it faced delays when COVID emerged.

“I tried to do that years ago, and just before COVID— you know, I had it almost ready to go. And then COVID hit and then Broadway kind of shut down,” she revealed.

Now that the stage lights are back on, Dolly’s teaming up with film producer Maria Schlatter to turn her grand story into a reality. The musical is set to be a rollercoaster ride through her childhood, the Porter Wagoner era, and every twist in her remarkable journey.

Dolly spilled the details on how the musical will cleverly blend past and present, using characters and songs to narrate her extraordinary life. And you can bet she’s got a few surprises up her sleeve for that extra touch of brilliance.

“It tells a good story,” Parton said. “I think people are gonna enjoy the way we’ve done it.”