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Dolly Parton Says She Declined Offers to Perform at the Superbowl Halftime Show Because She Didn’t Think She Was ‘Big Enough’ to Do It

Dolly Parton has had more Super Bowl halftime show invitations than she’s had rhinestones on her outfits!

In a recent chat with The Hollywood Reporter, the country music legend, who’s collected 12 Grammy awards and a pile of various awards in her time, revealed why she’s been skipping the Super Bowl halftime show.

Despite being an absolute icon, Dolly has shied away from the Super Bowl’s extravagant halftime productions. She confessed, “Oh, sure. I’ve been offered that many times. I couldn’t do it because of other things, or I just didn’t think I was big enough to do it — to do that big of a production.”

“When you think about those shows, those are big, big productions. I’ve never done anything with that big of a production. I don’t know if I could have. I think at the time, that’s what I was thinking,” she added.

Apart from sharing her thoughts about the Super Bowl halftime show, Dolly also opened up about her apprehension when it comes to delving into the realm of rock music. This genre switch came to light when she was offered an induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, an opportunity she gracefully declined to avoid overshadowing artists who had dedicated their entire lives to the rock music scene. This decision ultimately served as the reason for the upcoming release of Dolly’s rock album, “Rockstar.”

But don’t despair, Dolly fans! She hinted that her reluctance might just change someday, and we could see her dazzling us on that halftime stage. Until then, fans are eagerly waiting for her upcoming album set to drop on November 17th, as Dolly continues to be the gem of the music world, bringing her unique charm, humor, and undeniable talent to our lives.