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Drew Parker Shares What His Superhero Name Would Be

We love rising country artist Drew Parker‘s whacky answers and ability to make everyone laugh! This instance is no different! During a round of Circle’s Rapid Fire Questions, Drew Parker gave us some of the most hilarious answers!

We asked, “If you could be a country superhero, what would your name be?” Parker paused for a minute, but ultimately said his name would be “Country Music Man!” Definitely a straight forward name! He then followed up his answer with, “My superpower would be the ability to play every country music instrument.” Now that is a true superpower.

Perhaps the most shocking answer was when we asked Drew Parker, “What is the strangest thing you’ve ever signed for a fan?” We have heard some interesting answers, but even we were not expecting this response. He stated, “I signed the back of someone’s ear!” Now that’s a first on Circle’s Rapid Fire Questions! See below for the full interview!

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