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Dustin Lynch Drops Teaser of New Song ‘Chevrolet’ Featuring Jelly Roll

Dustin Lynch is back with a bang, and he’s bringing some country charm and a touch of nostalgia with a sneak peek of his latest track, “Chevrolet,” featuring Jelly Roll.

Dustin Lynch’s “Chevrolet” takes a bold step by borrowing the iconic instrumental melody from Dobie Gray’s’s beloved classic, “Drift Away (I Wanna Get Lost In Your Rock n’ Roll).” If you’re a fan of music classics, you’ll instantly feel at home as that familiar melody kicks in. But, hold onto your cowboy hats, because this song brings a fresh twist in its lyrics.

While the melody throws us back in time, Dustin Lynch and Jelly Roll seem to bring a refreshing country flavor to the lyrics in the track. The song is all about life’s journey, and it cleverly uses a Chevrolet as a symbol for navigating through love, dreams, and memories.

Get ready to experience the full song this Friday, September 15th, as fans prepare for the exciting release of Dustin Lynch’s highly anticipated album, Killed The Cowboy, scheduled for release September 29th.