Ed Sheeran Reveals He’s Recorded a Live Version of ‘Autumn Variations’ Album in Fans’ Homes

Ed Sheeran Reveals He’s Recorded a Live Version of ‘Autumn Variations’ Album in Fans’ Homes

Imagine one day you walk into your own living room, only to find Ed Sheeran casually strumming his guitar and belting out his latest tunes. Well, for a few lucky people, that fantasy turned into reality!

Ed Sheeran is cooking up something special for his fans with his upcoming album, Autumn Variations, set to drop on September 29th. But wait, there’s more! In an Instagram post that’s sure to make Sheerios’ hearts skip a beat, Ed spilled the beans about a secret surprise. He’s gone on a living room tour, recording an exclusive live version of his new album right in fans’ homes all around the country.

“So I did some surprise pop up gigs in fans houses, secretly recording a live album of Autumn Variations where each song is recorded in a different fans living room, but all of it was a total surprise,” he shared in the caption of a video where he performs “Wake Me Up” on a superfan’s keyboard, where she can hardly contain her excitement, singing along silently.

“We got to @kariconaway ‘s house at the end of the day, and I instantly knew it was gonna be a fun one,” he continued. “They had cats, friendship bracelets and some fruit drinks to start, but once I’d played the Autumn song I said take me on a tour, and when I went into her room I saw a piano. She asked if I could play and I said, ‘Not really but I kinda play on ‘Wake Me Up,”‘ so here I am playing ‘Wake Me Up,’ for all the Plus fans out there.”

“The fan living room live Autumn Variations album coming soon, proper album out 29th September go preorder you legends x,” he concluded.

Just a month back, Sheeran hopped on TikTok to spill the beans about Autumn Variations. This exciting album will include 14 brand-new tracks, diving deep into the common rollercoaster of love, heartbreak, blues, and moments of solitude that Sheeran and his gang have been through.