Ernest Takes Shocking Fall Off Stage During Performance

Well, Ernest took stage diving to a whole other meaning.

During his St. Louis, Mo performance, being the opening act for Morgan Wallen on his One Night at a Time World Tour, Ernest unexpectedly lost his footing and plummeted off the stage.

Ernest posted the video capturing the moment on social media, he can be seen trying to toss a rose into the cheering crowd. With a wind-up, he releases the rose into the air, but unfortunately, he seems to slip on the stage floor, causing him to lose balance and slide towards the edge and off the stage.

As the “Flower Shops” singer loses his balance, he nearly manages to grab onto the barricade separating him from the audience but unfortunately ends up falling all the way to the ground.

As quickly as he fell though, Ernest swiftly gets up and raises his hands in the air, signaling he’s okay from the scary fall.

Ernest went on Instagram to post a second angle of the incident, showing the point of view from someone in the crowd.

“PS IM FINE,” he assured in the caption.

Ernest has an exciting lineup of upcoming shows, including his highly anticipated This Fire Tour, which is set to run from October 18 to November 28. Meanwhile, Ernest will also be continuous support for Morgan Wallen’s One Night at a Time Tour, which is extending all the way through June 2024. Originally planned to conclude on October 7, the tour experienced delays due to vocal rest, resulting in numerous rescheduled dates that will now take place in the following year.

Here’s hoping that all of Ernest’s upcoming shows don’t result in another tumble off stage!