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Every Luke Combs Song That Has Earned a No. 1 Spot on Music Charts

In the world of country music, Luke Combs has become a real sensation, thanks to his incredible voice, lyrics that hit you right in the feels, and his charming, down-to-earth personality. Throughout the years, he’s given us a steady stream of chart-toppers that have struck a chord with folks all over the world. So, hop on board as we take a stroll through Luke Combs’ musical journey, celebrating every one of his smash hits that climbed their way to that coveted No. 1 spot on the charts:

1. “Hurricane”

2. “When It Rains It Pours”

3. “One Number Away”

4. “She Got the Best of Me”

5. “Beautiful Crazy”

6. “Beer Never Broke My Heart”

7. “Even Though I’m Leaving”

8. “Does to Me”

9. “Lovin’ on You”

10. “Better Together”

11. “Forever After All”

12. “Cold As You”

13. “Doin’ This”

14. “The Kind of Love We Make”

15. “Going, Going, Gone”

16. “Love You Anyway”

17. “Fast Car”