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Photo Credit: Logen Christopher

Exclusive First Look: JD Shelburne Premieres Music Video For Song ‘Neon Hallelujah’

Up-and-coming country sensation JD Shelburne is eagerly preparing for the launch of his highly anticipated album, Neon Hallelujah, set to release on July 28.

As part of this exciting milestone, he has crafted a brand-new music video for the album’s title track — and Circle is delighted to offer you an exclusive first look!

This captivating visual masterpiece brings to life the essence of the song and takes you on a nostalgic journey through the small town that shaped JD Shelburne’s life.

“Neon Hallelujah” was discovered by Shelburne through his friend, Maks Gabriel, and from the very first listen, he knew it belonged on the new album. The irresistible combination of the melody and lyrics immediately struck a chord, resonating deeply with his own experiences and beliefs.

“Neon Hallelujah is my life in music. It walks listeners through the small town that shaped my life and my heart for faith, family, and simple pleasures that still define me,” Shelburne said in a press release. “Every line, every image, is like a photo of a special moment in my memory bank—the rusty truck, the corner store, everything here is really how I grew up.”

Watch the premiere of “Neon Hallelujah” below and immerse yourself in this nostalgic tale that celebrates faith, family, and the simple pleasures that define us:

J.D. Shelburne hails from a tobacco farm in Taylorsville, Kentucky. His musical journey began when he discovered a guitar after his grandmother’s passing when he was 19.

His career soared as a modern country singer, songwriter, and performer, with his debut single and video, “One Less Girl,” reaching the Top 30 on the Music Row charts. The success continued with his second song and video, “She Keeps Me Up Nights,” in 2019.

In June 2021, he released his latest album, Straight From Kentucky, which quickly made its way into the iTunes top ten.

As he gears up for the release of his new album, Neon Hallelujah, he remains dedicated to sharing his music with fans.

Currently, Shelburne has a packed touring schedule, delighting fans with over 150 shows planned in 2023.