From Yodeling at Walmart to the Grand Ole Opry Stage: Mason Ramsey Celebrates 5 Years at the Opry

Mason Ramsey, the viral sensation who captured the hearts of millions with his impromptu yodeling performance in a local Walmart, has come a long way since his internet breakthrough.

Widely recognized as the little boy with the big voice, Mason’s journey has taken him from the aisles of a grocery store to the iconic stage of the Grand Ole Opry—not just once, but twice now.

Recently, Ramsey returned to the Grand Ole Opry, marking five years since his initial performance.


5 years at the Grand Ole Opry…

♬ original sound – Mason Ramsey

Returning to the stage that initially helped him gain fame, this event was a big moment in Ramsey’s musical journey. After becoming a viral sensation, he turned his online success into lasting achievements. Displaying his yodeling skills with newfound maturity and confidence, now as a teenager, Ramsey has seemingly made a remarkable comeback.