Gabby Barrett’s Family Co-Stars in Her ‘Glory Days’ Music Video

Gabby Barrett recruited her entire family for her latest masterpiece, the “Glory Days” music video and it’s more precious than you could imagine!

Joining forces with her husband, Cade Foehner, and their adorable kids, two-year-old Baylah May and eight-month-old Augustine Boone, Gabby pulled off the ultimate family production.

Directed by Alexa Campbell and co-produced by Barrett and Taylor Vermillion, this music video is a delightful mix of sentimental reminiscence and living in the moment, capturing the essence of cherished memories and the sheer bliss of life as it is right now.

As the camera rolls, Barrett and her family embark on an unforgettable adventure on a dreamy farm that seems straight out of a fairy tale. It’s a visual reminder to fans everywhere to grab hold of those precious moments that mold our lives.

“Glory Days” marks Barrett’s latest musical release following the success of her debut album, Goldmine, which was released in 2020. Barrett has also been teasing the arrival of an upcoming album.

Barrett revealed that Luke Combs contributed to the unreleased project by writing a track from the perspective of a parent to a little girl. Combs composed this touching song while his wife Nicole was pregnant with their first child, without knowing the gender of their baby at that time.