Photo: Opry

Garth Brooks Invites Scotty McCreery to Become the Newest Member of the Grand Ole Opry

Scotty McCreery is about to hit a high note in his career as the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry, all thanks to a surprise from the legendary Garth Brooks.

The scene was set during McCreery’s spotlight performance at the Opry Country Christmas show on December 3, turning what started as a regular evening into a memory for the books.

In an unexpected turn of events, Garth Brooks himself made a surprise appearance during Scotty’s set. With a grand gesture, Brooks presented McCreery with a wrapped gift adorned with a red bow.

But it wasn’t just any early Christmas present— it symbolized an invitation to join the prestigious Grand Ole Opry.

For McCreery, whose journey in the industry has been characterized by dedication and talent, this recognition from one of his idols adds to the honor of the unexpected invitation.