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Garth Brooks Is Working With Nashville PD to Build a Police Station Next to His New Bar

Garth Brooks is fully dedicated to his latest business endeavor, ‘Friends in Low Places,’ a bar that will soon become an addition to the lower Broadway area in Nashville, Tennessee. As of right now, the establishment is undergoing construction, with an exciting new addition in the works.

The Metro Nashville Police Department recently posted on social media featuring Police Chief John Drake alongside Brooks, inspecting the location. According to the post, plans are underway to build a police substation right next to the bar.

“Chief Drake today joined @garthbrooks for a great walk through of his Friends in Low Places Bar under construction at 411 Broadway,” the post said. “As part of the renovation, Garth is providing the MNPD a substation in a building adjacent to his. We are so proud of this partnership!”

Garth’s latest bar is set to take over the space previously occupied by the three-story, 40,000-square-foot Paradise Park. From the start, Garth has been vocal about his vision for the bar, emphasizing its role as a welcoming haven of inclusion, good manners, and an unwavering focus on creating memorable experiences. With this exciting new addition, it appears that the establishment is determined to maintain a peaceful and inviting atmosphere once it opens its doors to the public.