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Granger Smith Admits His New Book May Not Be Suitable For Kids: “There Is Some Tough Stuff in This Book”

Granger Smith is on the brink of releasing his memoir, “Like a River,” a deeply personal exploration of his life marked by moments of tragedy, grief, addiction, and healing. Given the subjects covered in the book, Smith has warned that the book may not be suitable for younger audiences, which even includes his own kids.

On Monday, July 24, Smith took to social media to share a snapshot of his kids with the book open in front of them. Alongside the photo, he wrote a caption, urging fellow parents to be aware of the themes he delves in the book.

“There is some tough stuff in this book. So much so that we haven’t let our own kids read it yet,” he explained. “We’re still praying about the right way to go about that. Though they lived it, there are raw/dark moments that even they don’t know about. I would ask that you have the same discernment and caution with your kids.”

He also shared that his 9-year-old son, Lincoln, who had been through the challenging moments discussed in the book, couldn’t hold back his emotions when looking at some of the images.

“I will say this— just looking at the pictures in the book, Lincoln cried pretty hard and that’s rare for him. That was probably some emotion that needed to come out.”

Scheduled for release on August 1, “Like a River: Finding the Faith and Strength to Move Forward After Loss and Heartache” presents a honest telling of Granger Smith’s personal journey. Through its chapters, the book delves into the heart-wrenching loss of his three-year-old son, River, in a tragic drowning accident in 2019. The book offers readers a genuine glimpse into his family’s experiences, providing an opportunity for those who have endured similar hardships to find healing in their own lives.

Smith’s book release follows his decision to step away from the music business. Opting to follow his heart’s calling, he is embarking on a new path in ministry. In this venture, he plans to actively serve his local church community while pursuing a master’s degree at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He intends to engage in public speaking engagements and authorship, embracing various platforms to share his insights and life experiences.