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Hannah Dasher Shares All in Exclusive Interview

With rising country artist and social media darling Hannah Dasher, you know it’s going to be a fun time! In Circle All Access’ latest edition of Rapid Fire Questions, she let us in on the inside scoop on all things Hannah Dasher!

Get ready for some laughs, because this one has some shocking answers! We asked Hannah Dasher the last concert she went to, and without missing a beat, she states “Reba McEntire!” Wouldn’t a collaboration between these two fiery female artists be incredible!

The most hilarious answer we have probably ever gotten was when we asked, “If you were a country superhero, what would your name be?” In true Hannah Dasher fashion, she proudly responded, “Hannah Damn Dasher!” We fully support Hannah as a country superhero! See the full hilarious video below!

Did you know that Hannah Dasher is not only a country music artist, but a fantastic cook as well? Hannah Dasher is known for her viral series on social media, “Stand By You Pan,” where she shares her most beloved southern dishes and recipes! Fans love it so much, she now has over 1.5 million followers on TikTok alone! Check out some of her famous recipes on Circle All Access now!

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