Hardy Reveals the Time He Accidentally Brought a Ghost Home

In a recent appearance on fellow country singer and close friend Ernest’s podcast, “Just Being Ernest,” HARDY opened up about a chilling experience he had in his own home. While the country artist is well-known for his musical talents, he also has a passion for finding and collecting arrowheads in his free time. However, this seemingly innocent hobby took a supernatural turn when it may have brought a ghostly presence into his house.

During a trip to look for arrowheads on the Cumberland River in Tennessee, HARDY stumbled upon “a really good” arrowhead. Intrigued, he decided to bring it home. Little did he know that this simple act would cause a series of unexplainable events that followed.

HARDY explains in the clip that his family started experiencing unexplainable happenings. It began subtly with lights turning on and appliances unplugging in the middle of the night. The incidents escalated, leaving him and his wife unsettled.

One evening, after hanging a mirror, they found a massive scratch on it with no logical explanation. They also heard mysterious noises from downstairs while watching TV, and their kitchen table chair had shifted about two feet with nobody around.

With each passing day, HARDY became more convinced that a ghostly presence was haunting their home. One night, he even witnessed a human-sized figure leaping from their balcony area, only to find no one around their house and all doors securely closed upon investigation.

To address the situation, HARDY and his wife conducted a sage cleansing ritual to cleanse their living space of any supernatural being. Since then, they have not encountered any further paranormal disturbances, and the mysterious events seem to have subsided.

Watch the full podcast episode on Ernest’s YouTube Channel below: