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How Caroline Hobby is Helping You Find Your Calling— One Podcast at a Time

We’re all on the quest to find that one thing we’re truly passionate about, aren’t we? It’s that special something that makes us feel alive, like we were born to do it, filling us with happiness. But how do we navigate the search and ensure we’re on the right path?

Well, Caroline Hobby completely understands that feeling. And after her long journey of working towards her calling, she wholeheartedly embraces her passion and is committed to guiding others in discovering theirs.

Caroline’s path has been a wild ride of pursuing her heart’s desires, even when doubt tried to weigh her down. In an exclusive interview with Circle All Access, Caroline opens up about her journey to turning her dreams into reality and how she’s extending a helping hand to others striving for the same.

“I grew up in Waco, Texas and I decided when I was very young that I needed to entertain and wanted to be on stage. So I tried a lot of different things out,” Caroline told Circle.

Her journey started when her parents gave her their blessing to move to Nashville right after graduating high school, allowing her to pursue her dreams. After attending Belmont University and completing many internships throughout the city, her journey into the music industry started to take shape.

One of her notable achievements is her role as a performer and hit songwriter, as a member of the former country trio Stealing Angels. Caroline’s talent and dedication in the world of music have allowed her to create melodies and lyrics that resonate with audiences, leaving a permanent mark on the industry. Through her music, Caroline has a remarkable ability to capture the essence of human emotions, relationships, and life’s ups and downs.

Beyond her success in music, Caroline has also ventured into the world of reality television, where she showcased her adventurous spirit by competing on CBS’s ‘The Amazing Race‘ not once, but twice. Her determination led her to finish in an impressive 4th place in one season and a remarkable 2nd place in another, highlighting her ability to thrive under pressure.

Perhaps one of her most significant accomplishments is her role as the host of the highly popular podcast, GET REAL. This podcast stands out as one of the top 1% of all podcasts, accumulating an astonishing 7 million-plus downloads. Through GET REAL, Caroline fulfills her mission in life, which is to connect people to their callings through storytelling.

“I realized that maybe all this life I have lived has led me to be able to have really heartfelt, curious and emotionally raw conversations with people in really cool positions,” Caroline said regarding the inspiration behind creating a podcast.

Each week, Caroline interviews a diverse array of leaders, celebrities and entrepreneurs. Through these conversations, she delves into the art of finding and embracing one’s calling, addressing topics such as overcoming major challenges and self-doubt. She encourages her listeners to prioritize their passions and live the life they were destined to fulfill.

“I just want to bring in stories of hope and I want to shine a light on the world,” she said.

“I want to help the world rise into their joy and not just get lost in all of the comparison. I just want to help… and I’m ready to do it through conversations with really inspiring people,” she added.

In essence, Caroline Hobby serves as an inspirational figure who has dedicated her life to helping others answer the calling in their hearts. Her multifaceted career journey demonstrates the power of perseverance and the significance of pursuing one’s true passion. With her podcast, she continues to empower and uplift individuals, reminding us all that we have a calling.

“If you commit to it and stick with it, the journey that you get, you will learn the lessons that your soul needs to learn and you will have the experiences and the joy that your soul came here to have,” she expressed.

“Nobody has the same calling,” she continued. “It might be in the same kind of area, but everybody is called to do something different and everyone knows when they’re doing what they love and that’s what we came here to do. I really do believe we are spiritual beings in a human body. And we came here to have a spiritual experience in a physical form.”