HunterGirl’s New Single “Lonely Outta You” Was Inspired by Fellow American Idol Contestants

HunterGirl, the runner-up of American Idol Season 20, left a lasting impression during the singing talent competition. Her exceptional performances earned her high praise from Luke Bryan, who claimed she was his “favorite female voice” and compared her to Miranda Lambert.

Since American Idol, HunterGirl has released her newest single called “Lonely Outta You.”

HunterGirl, Sarah Buxton, and Jimmy Robbins co-wrote “Lonely Outta You,” which was inspired by HunterGirl’s experience on American Idol. During her time on the show, HunterGirl had conversations with her fellow contestants, specifically men, where she discovered many of them struggled to express their emotions during press interviews, and even outside relationships. These conversations made her feel like there was something missing in the music world —songs addressing loneliness in men, unlike the abundance of songs about guys trying to cure a girl’s loneliness. Her desire for everyone to have a song in their lives that they can relate to sparked the creation of “Lonely Outta You.”

“There are a lot of songs about guys telling girls, ‘Hey, you’re lonely, let me make you less lonely,’ and when I was thinking about that, there aren’t really songs from a girl’s perspective on this that makes the same connection,” says HunterGirl in a press release, “Everybody gets lonely sometimes. I wanted to give another perspective and tell the other side of the story.”

Listen to “Lonely Outta You” below:

Recently, HunterGirl opened for Lainey Wilson at a sold-out Nashville show earlier this month. Her live performances don’t stop there though! HunterGirl is scheduled to perform on select dates with Luke Bryan, Parmalee, Josh Turner, and Luke Combs throughout the year.