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Ian Munsick Shares Story of Using Mustard to Sign an Autograph

Circle sat down with rising country star Ian Munsick to ask some Rapid Fire Questions to get to know Ian just a little better. His last answer will have you stunned!

Not only does Ian Munsick have some of the best hair in country music, but he also has the best stories! Did you know the most famous person in Munsick’s contacts is country sensation Morgan Wallen?! Should we expect a Morgan Wallen and Ian Munsick collaboration coming soon?

We love asking the unexpected questions, so we had to know if Ian was a country superhero, what his name and superpower would be! He quickly responded with “My name would be ‘Country and Western Man’ and my power would be the ability to cattle call horses and cows wherever I’m at!” See below for the full video interview with Ian Munsick!

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The most shocking answer of all was Munsick’s response to “What is the strangest thing you’ve ever signed for a fan?” He paused for a minute and nonchalantly said “I signed a corndog with mustard at the Iowa State Fair last year!” Definitely wasn’t expecting that answer!

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