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Is Luke Bryan Using AI Technology To Write New Music?

Luke Bryan came face to face with AI technology during an appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The country superstar responded to a song generated by AI when it was asked to create a Luke Bryan song — and he weighed in on whether he would consider incorporating it into his actual music collection.

Obviously, the country music superstar is constantly searching for his next big hit, so he was intrigued to listen to the AI chatbot’s attempt at writing a country song that resembled his style. He even joked in the video that he was a bit intimidated by the computer’s potential to outdo him and take his job.

“The problem with me is I’m scared it may actually be better than the stuff I’ve written,” Bryan joked.

To Bryan’s relief, the song didn’t compare to what he considers being a No. 1 hit.

The AI generated song included the lyrics, “Drivin’ down these back roads, just me and my ol’ guitar / Tryin’ to find my way back home but it seems so very far.”

I’m just a small town boy / Livin’ in this crazy world / But I’ll keep on singin’ my songs and lettin’ my voice be heard,” the song continued.

After the song ended, it was safe to say that Bryan wouldn’t be replaced any time soon.

“I think I’m okay for now on the AI,” he says.

“They might actually take one of your No.1 hits away,” Kimmel joked.