Jason Aldean Gives Update After Medical Scare on Stage

Jason Aldean took to social media to offer reassurance to his concerned fans following an unexpected ending to a concert in Hartford, Conn., due to heat exhaustion on Saturday night, July 15.

“Just wanted to let you know thanks to everybody that’s called in, checked in. I’m doing fine,” he said in an Instagram story. “Just one of those things.”

Aldean goes on to clarify what led to his health scare. “It was hot, I was playing golf all day yesterday, and then got to the show, and it was a combination of dehydration and just heat exhaustion,” he says, also clarifying that it wasn’t a heat stroke, which is what was previously reported by the venue. “I don’t think it was quite that serious, he said, “but it was pretty intense last night at the show.”

“I knew it was coming. I was trying to get through as much of the show as I could, and eventually it wasn’t gonna happen, and I was trying to just get off stage and figure out what was going on,” he added.

“To everybody that came out to the show last night, thank you guys so much for being there. Obviously, it’s not the way I wanted the show to end. Not what I was hoping for on the first weekend of tour by any means. But I had a couple of IVs. I had one last night when I came offstage, had one today. Got a show in Saratoga tonight. We’re gonna play that show, and they’re gonna make the one up to you guys in Hartford as well,” he assured.