Jason Aldean Is Changing This One Thing About His New Music

With ten albums already under his belt and no sign of slowing down, Jason Aldean understands the significance of maintaining a fresh sound in his music. To achieve this, he consistently pushes boundaries and explores new direction in the studio. However, as he gears up for his next album, he is determined to change one specific thing about his music.

Aldean is determined to spend more time on writing his own songs. Despite achieving success with numerous chart-topping hits, the country sensation has been distant from writing his own songs for quite a while.

His last album titled Macon, Georgia, released in 2022, consists of 30 tracks, however, none of the songs have songwriting credits from Aldean. Surprisingly, Aldean hasn’t contributed to the songwriting process of his albums since 2009, when he co-wrote “Keep the Girl” for his third studio album, Wide Open. Out of the ten albums Aldean has released thus far, he has only received songwriting credits on a total of four tracks.

“My problem was always and still is— it’s not that I don’t write or can’t write,” Aldean tells Apple Music. “I’m just my own worst critic.”

Although Aldean hasn’t given any major details about his upcoming album, he has revealed that he has put his songwriting abilities to the test with his latest project.

“We got about nine songs finished already for the album, and we’re actually gonna go back in and do I think one more session,” he revealed to Taste of Country Nights.

Fans have already been treated to a preview of what’s to come on the upcoming project. At the 2023 ACM Awards, Aldean unveiled “Tough Crowd,” a song that will be featured on the album. Building on the anticipation, he recently released the first single from the album, titled “Try That in a Small Town.”