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Jelly Roll Buys Plane Tickets for Entire High School Softball Team So They Can Attend Their Spring Tournament

The Abingdon High School softball team received an unexpected and heartwarming surprise by Jelly Roll during their fundraising efforts at Country Thunder in Bristol, Tennessee.

Abingdon softball team selling pizzas at Country Thunder. (Photo: WJHL)

The team had been raising funds for a spring tournament in Orlando, Florida, which was no small financial endeavor, requiring a total of $50,000. Determined to achieve their goal, they began selling pizzas at the event to contribute to their cause.

However, what happened next was beyond their wildest expectations. Country sensation Jelly Roll noticed the team’s sign in the crowd and decided to step in. To the astonishment of the Abingdon softball players, he not only purchased all of their pizzas but also recognized that the team’s profit on pizza sales wasn’t exactly going to get them to Florida.

Moved by their hard work and dedication, Jelly Roll generously offered to help cover their next significant expense – the $6,000 payment for their flights to Florida. The team was in disbelief, with players expressing their amazement at the sudden turn of events.

“When we got the invitation [to the tournament], I just knew we had to do it, but I knew it was going to be a whole lot to fundraise this year,” Abingdon softball coach Chelsea Campbell told local news outlet WKRN. And now, the unexpected act of kindness from Jelly Roll brought the team one step closer to their dream trip to Florida.

“We are out here as the varsity softball team, as females, as young women,” the teams coach added. “We’re working hard, and we’re trying to raise every bit of money ourselves, and the fact that he noticed us is just, it’s great. We’re so blessed, and we’re really thankful for him.”

Jelly Roll’s generous donation not only relieved the financial burden of the Abingdon softball team but also left a lasting impression, reminding them that their dedication and effort do not go unnoticed, and their dreams can come true with the support of a caring community.