Jelly Roll Invites Johnny Depp to Perform With Him and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson at the Grand Ole Opry

Is a Jelly Roll, Johnny Depp and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson collaboration on the way?

During an interview with Fox News, Jelly Roll gave insight on his dream musical collaboration— and to be honest, it’s such a wild idea that it surprisingly works.

“I’d like to get Johnny Depp to play on a record,” Jelly Roll told Fox News Digital.

“Even if I didn’t say Johnny Depp played on it…just for me to know that Johnny Depp was playing the guitar on my record.”

“That’s my formal invitation, Johnny Depp. If you want to get involved in my next album or if you want to come play at the Grand Ole Opry with me and ‘The Rock,’ we could set it up… I could try… It’d be great.”

Jelly Roll discussed previously that his music has served as a source of inspiration for celebrities, one being Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He shared that Johnson had reached out to him, letting him know that his music helped him through a tough time in his life.

“My guy is blowing up the industry and moving the crowds, Dwayne said on Instagram. “He’s a real authentic artist who brings PASSION & MANA to his music – and he brings a joy and gratitude that can only come from experience and living the life.”

He added, “Many years ago, before he blew up, his music helped me get a through a rough patch in my life. I’ll never forget it.”