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John Morgan Discusses His Remarkable Journey from Collaborating with Jason Aldean to the Release of His Debut EP [Exclusive]

In a candid interview with Circle, John Morgan, the rising star in the world of country music, takes us on a journey into the heart and soul of his debut EP, ‘Remember Us?’. As he reflects on the creative process, the influences that have shaped his music, and his inspiring collaborations, we gain a deeper understanding of the artist behind the lyrics that have been captivating audiences worldwide.

“The coolest thing to me about this project is that most of these songs were written two to three years ago,” Morgan said regarding the EP. “So it’s cool to go through songs and find that handful that stick out,” he said. “All these songs represent me in different ways…a lot of these songs are true to me. Even though now I’m at a different time in my life,” he added.

A significant detail about ‘Remember Us?’ is that Morgan co-wrote all the tracks, showing off his skills as a songwriter. He gave us a glimpse into his creative process, stressing how important it is to keep his unique perspective intact. “There comes a point when music transitions from being a hobby to your livelihood,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate to write with some hit songwriters who taught me a lot. The key is not losing the uniqueness in how you portray things. I tried to keep that in this project, while also trying to show the diversity of music I enjoy writing.”

Working with big names like Jason Aldean, as well as his bandmates who’ve brought even more depth to Morgan’s work. Looking back on it, Morgan revealed, “I grew up listening to him. He’s always been cool about sharing his opinions with me, and I value that a lot.” Morgan’s songs, including the chart-topping “Trouble With A Heartbreak,” are proof of the meaningful partnership between him and Aldean.

Morgan has already made a huge splash in the country music scene, with his songs getting played all over the world. Among his hits, “Friends Like That” is a standout, racking up over 12.5 million streams. But, this success didn’t happen overnight. Morgan’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of inspiring. From humble beginnings, where he sold all his belongings to help chase his dream in Nashville, to standing on the legendary stage of the Grand Ole Opry on May 19. It’s been a path filled with challenges and wins.

As for the next five years, Morgan’s got big dreams. “I’d love to be headlining my own tour,” he said. He also wants to try his hand at producing music down the road. “Producing is something I love doing, whether it’s for other artists or my own stuff,” he added.

With a ton of passion and talent to spare, John Morgan is all set to make a mark in the music world, ready to captivate everyone with his heartfelt tunes and meaningful lyrics.