John Oates of Hall & Oates Reveals What Can Make a Song Timeless [Exclusive]

Are you a songwriter curious about the magic that turns songs into timeless classics? Do you want to boost your songwriting skills and learn from the music industry legends about what makes a song a classic? Well, guess what? John Oates might just have the answers you’re looking for.

John Oates, one half of the iconic duo Hall & Oates, recently opened up to Circle in an exclusive interview about what gives a song its enduring quality. He shared his thoughts on the essence of timeless music, offered praise for contemporary artists, and gave us a glimpse into his upcoming ventures.

In the realm of crafting long lasting songs, John Oates emphasizes the importance of striking a delicate balance. He believes that the most successful tunes are those that manage to blend universal appeal with a personal touch.

“I think that some of our most successful songs have been the ones that have a universal appeal and message, but they somehow feel personal,” John said regarding Hall & Oates most timeless tracks.

These songs convey messages that resonate on a profound, individual level, forging a connection that keeps going over time. They have the remarkable ability to speak to each listener’s emotions and experiences, making them deeply personal and universal all at once.

John also expressed his admiration for the current generation of artists, highlighting country duo The War & Treaty as one of his favorites. He recognizes the wealth of remarkable music being created in today’s music landscape, showcasing his excitement for the ever-evolving world of music.

In terms of his own upcoming adventures, John Oates is gearing up for a tour, “An Evening of Songs and Stories,” beginning on November 1. During this intimate and acoustic experience, he will take the stage with only his guitar and offer the audience a unique opportunity to delve into the stories behind some of his most beloved tracks. This promises to be an exclusive journey, offering fans an up-close and personal connection with the artist responsible for crafting enduring musical moments. John’s upcoming tour is set to be a treat for fans, new and old, who continue to cherish his contributions to the world of music.

You can also catch John on an upcoming episode of Circle Network‘s original series, Talking In Circles with Clint Black on Saturday, October 28 at 10/9c pm, as he talks with Clint about his musical influences, pivotal moments in his career and his memories of Hall & Oates. Learn how to watch at