Justin Moore Answers Fan Questions [Circle Exclusive]

Circle Network sat down with country star Justin Moore to talk about the new release of his Stray Dog album and answer fan submitted questions.

Read below to see if Justin Moore answered your fan submitted question:

  1. Mark Schwartz from Plattsburgh, NY asked “Why did you name your album Stray Dog?”

“From the beginning of my career I’ve been labeled as a non conformist, and this song kind of became autobiographical for me, so it just made sense to name it Stray Dog.”

2. Candi Bush from Newton, GA asked “Music is often inspired by personal experiences and emotions. Can you share with us a particular moment or event that has strongly influenced one of your songs?”

“A lot of my songs I’ve written have been influenced by my own personal life, Justin said. “Small Town USA is inspired by me being homesick at 18, that’s when I moved to Nashville and I missed home cooked meals, my grandma and parents.”

3. Cory Funk from Brooklyn Park, MN asked “Being that you are multi-talented as a songwriter, performer, and host of the Morning Mayhem show on 103.7 The Buzz, a sports station in Little Rock, Arkansas Would you ever consider giving up music to pursue working as a broadcaster in sports?”

“No, I love doing the radio show, but music is my passion and I love it so I will play music until they don’t allow me to anymore.”

4. Jeanette Martin from Orange, MA asked “How do you know when a song is right for you?”

“When I’m listening to a song and I didn’t write it, but wish I had, that is my telltale sign that I should record it.”

5. Catherine Steinmetz from Saline, MI asked “What’s your favorite song to play live?”

“It always changes when we add new music, but I think more specifially as a song write all of the new stuff is fun. Right now ‘Let the Night Roll,’ because of the way of the arrangement we’re doing right now.”

Justin Moore’s new album Stray Dog is officially out NOW on all streaming platforms. Listen to Justin Moore’s Stray Dog album Here.