Kane Brown and Blake Shelton Show Off Their Hilarious Dance Moves With Lauren Alaina’s ‘Thicc as Thieves’ Dance

Kane Brown and Blake Shelton may want to consider leaving the viral dances to Lauren Alaina.

Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson are making waves on TikTok with their popular dance routine for their duet “Thicc as Thieves,” and Alaina is bringing in a lineup of country musicians to give the routine a shot.

Although Blake Shelton and Kane Brown found themselves slightly confused by the dance moves, they were more than willing to embrace the challenge and give it a shot.

Alaina invited Brown to join her— and it became evident that Brown wasn’t entirely familiar with the dance steps. However, a few missteps couldn’t stop the fun and laughter between the longtime friends!

“This guy has had my back since we were kids. I can’t believe I got him to do this,” she wrote in her video caption.

Alaina also managed to convince Blake Shelton to attempt the dance trend— and lets just say he wasn’t very familiar with the choreography either.

He even gets so carried away with the fun that he goes off-script, unleashing hilariously eccentric dance moves of his own.

“Thicc as Thieves” comes off the track list of Alaina’s new EP, Unlocked, which is available now.