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Kane Brown Makes Surprise Facetime Call to Wife During Concert, Surprises Her with the Audience Singing Her Part in ‘Thank God’

Kane Brown continues to remind us that love does still exist.

Country sensation, Kane Brown, recently gave us a sweet dose of relationship goals during one of his shows at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, WA, as he facetimed his wife, Katelyn, during his performance of ‘Thank God.’

This song is usually a duet between Kane and Katelyn, but unfortunately, Katelyn couldn’t make it that night. Instead of singing her part solo, Kane pulled out his phone, called her via FaceTime, and held it up to the microphone. The result? A concert moment that really tugged at our heartstrings.

@ccaitlyn93 Kane brown facetimes his wife so we can sign her part of thank god to her 😭 #kanebrown #kanebrownmusic #thankgod #puyallupfair @Kane Brown @KatelynBrown ♬ original sound – Cc

As the call connected, Katelyn’s face lit up on the big screens scattered around the venue, and the crowd couldn’t contain their cheers and applause.

With the audience still buzzing with excitement, Kane and the crowd launched into the song, and when it came time for Katelyn’s verse, he took a step back and handed the microphone to the audience. The fans, many of whom knew every word, sang their hearts out together, filling the arena with love.

Katelyn, on the other end of the Facetime call, was undeniably moved by the gesture— much like anyone serenaded by a crowd of hundreds would be.

She stood there while listening to the audience and smiled as tears welled up in her eyes. It was a heartwarming moment that perfectly showcased the magic of music and love— and most importantly, proving that Kane and Katelyn are absolute endgame.