charles kelley from Lady A talks about his 15 month sobriety journey
Facebook/Charles Kelley

Lady A’s Charles Kelley Opens Up About His Sobriety Journey: “It’s Led Me to Look at Myself and What I Want More”

For more than a decade, Charles Kelley, in collaboration with Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood, has been a prominent figure in the country music scene. The trio has consistently produced chart-topping hits and performed sold-out concerts. However, behind the glitz and glamour, Kelley was dealing with a personal battle – alcoholism.

In a candid conversation with Billboard, Charles Kelley, a member of the Grammy-winning country music band Lady A, opened up about his path to sobriety.

 “I never thought I would actually enjoy it, you know?” he admitted.

“I thought, ‘OK, I’m gonna do this for my family, I’m gonna do this for my band, I’m gonna do this for myself.’ But I think it’s the energy you get from not having crazy nights and all of those different things.”

Every journey towards recovery has a turning point, a moment when an individual realizes they must make a change. For Kelley, this turning point came in the form of a wake-up call.

“It’s led me to look at myself and what I want more,” he tells. “Like, what am I doing? What am I standing for? What do I want for the next 20 years? I think sometimes you have to kind of hit that point of desperation in a way to find that. I’m glad I hit it in my 40s and didn’t wait until later on in life.”

One key aspect of Kelley’s recovery was the unwavering support of his Lady A bandmates, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood. The group’s bond grew stronger as they faced Kelley’s addiction head-on together. Their commitment to one another, both personally and professionally, was a significant source of strength throughout.

Now, Kelley has successfully been 15 months sober and going strong. Kelley first announced the decision to get help back in August 2022. The band even pushed back their Request Line Tour to be there for him on his journey to recovery.