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Lainey Wilson Performs Acoustic Show After Lightning Strike Hits Band Equipment

The show must go on and Lainey Wilson is determined to make that happen.

@laineywilsonmusic We ain’t ever gonna let it rain on this parade…Charlotte, thank y’all for singin loud and proud with us ⚡️🤘🏻 #livemusic #heartlikeatruck #bellbottomcountry #countrymusic #indiemusic ♬ original sound – laineywilsonmusic

Over the weekend, Lainey Wilson faced unexpected technical challenges while opening up for Luke Combs at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. A lightning strike caused damage to her sound equipment, leaving her without backup music from her band.

Without missing a beat, Wilson gracefully stepped onto the stage, expressed her apologies for the technical difficulties, and proceeded to deliver an acoustic performance accompanied by a single band member.

A stadium show completely acoustic is definitely something that not many people can say they have done, and Wilson absolutely owned the moment, showcasing her exceptional talent despite the challenging circumstances.

This isn’t the first time that Wilson has had a weather issue during one of her concerts, however. Last month, Wilson proved her dedication to her fans as she performed on stage during a heavy downpour.

Even though Wilson was soaked by the rain, she persevered and delivered a performance that didn’t disappoint.