lainey wilson and reba mcentire
Facebook/Lainey Wilson/Reba McEntire

Lainey Wilson Says Meeting Reba McEntire Was a “Dream Come True”

Lainey Wilson‘s longtime dream of meeting Reba McEntire came true!

The heartwarming encounter between Wilson and McEntire unfolded backstage at CMA Fest, where Wilson couldn’t resist capturing the special moment in a video. She later posted the clip to her Instagram, inviting her fans to share in the magic of their interaction.

“Y’all…what even? This was one of those pinch me moments. I am such a fan of @reba as not only an artist, but just for the incredible person she is…talk about a dream come true,” Lainey captions the video.

During their one-on-one, Wilson couldn’t help but express her love and appreciation for McEntire.

“I’m gonna cry,” Lainey says while she holds Reba’s hands. “You mean so much to me. You have, you have.”

Reba also had her own words to share, sharing how proud she is of Lainey’s accomplishments so far.

“Well congratulations on everything you’ve been doing,” Reba says. “I’m just so proud of you.”

Undoubtedly, this meetup has sparked a wave of fan requests for a duet between the two country stars, and we wholeheartedly support that idea!

As of now, Wilson is gearing up to conclude her part in Luke Combs’ World Tour on July 29, where she has been opening for the U.S. shows before Combs takes his tour overseas.

Looking ahead, she also has exciting plans to join Hardy’s The Mockingbird and the Crow Fall Tour, scheduled for August and September.