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Lana Del Rey Covers Tammy Wynette’s ‘Stand by Your Man’

Lana Del Rey impresses her fans with her rendition of Tammy Wynette‘s classic, ‘Stand by Your Man’.

Recently, Lana Del Rey took the stage at the Walmart AMP in Rogers, Arkansas, where she performed a captivating cover of Tammy Wynette’s iconic 1968 country music track, “Stand by Your Man.”

Wynette’s country-pop ballad, now hailed as a timeless classic, stirred controversy upon its initial release. Many interpreted the lyrics as advocating for women to stay in relationships with abusive partners, regardless of their actions. However, Wynette clarified that it was intended as nothing more than a “pretty love song.”

The country vocalist, who later achieved widespread recognition with “Stand by Your Man,” also gained fame for her marriage to fellow country artist George Jones, which lasted from 1969 to 1975.

“Stand by Your Man” stands out as one of the select songs Lana Del Rey has showcased during her recent tour, predominantly making appearances at music festivals.

A subtle tribute to the country legend can also be found in her 2021 track, “Breaking Up Slowly,” from the album “Chemtrails Over the Country Club,” a collaboration with Nikki Lane. In the song, Lane sings, “I don’t wanna live with a life of regret/I don’t wanna end up like Tammy Wynette.”