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Lily Rose Reveals the Most Famous Country Star in Her Contacts

In an exclusive interview with Circle, Lily Rose answered some of our fan favorite questions! Let’s just say we were shocked by some of her responses!

From taking tequila shots with Kelsea Ballerini to hanging out backstage at Shania Twain’s concert, Lily Rose has done it all! Did you know the most famous person in Lily Rose’s contacts is Miranda Lambert?! We’d say it’s pretty cool that she calls Miranda Lambert her “homie!”

See below for our full Rapid Fire interview with rising country star Lily Rose!

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The best answer by far was when Circle asked, “If you could be a country superhero, what would your name be,” to which Lily Rose responded without missing a beat, “It would have to be ‘Swaggy Cowgirl!” When asked what her superpower would be, Rose stated, “I would never get a hangover.” Now that is a true superpower!

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