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Lukas Nelson Speaks Out About the Maui Wild Fires

Lukas Nelson has turned to social media to share his urgent message regarding the devastating Maui wildfires.

Taking to Instagram, the accomplished musician and activist shared heartfelt words about the ongoing crisis, using his platform to raise awareness and encourage support for the affected communities and the efforts of firefighters.

In the video, Nelson pleads for Maui county and Maui Electric to stop putting power lines above the ground. Stating that he has heard rumors regarding this serious subject, he pushes hard to get them to reconsider, pointing out the potential problems of above ground power lines.

“Do not build the power lines above ground, I don’t care how much it costs. It’s not worth the lives that could be lost— will most likely be lost as these winds continue, temperatures will continue to be high, droughts will happen…and to prevent this from happening again, you have the power to build these underground.”

“Please spread this message,— far and wide— to save lives,” Nelson adds.

Currently, an investigation is in progress to establish the initial source of the wildfires, and the definite cause has yet been confirmed. The investigators are delving into the possibility that downed power lines and choices made by Hawaiian Electric, the primary power company in the state, might have contributed to the situation, according to CBS News.

The Maui Strong Fund is offering swift access to financial support, emphasizing prompt response and recovery efforts for the severe Maui wildfires.

If you’d like to contribute to the cause, you can make a donation by visiting Hawaii Community Foundation.

HCF will not impose any charges on donations directed towards the Maui Strong Fund, ensuring that the entirety of the contributions will be towards meeting community requirements.