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Luke Bryan Says He Earned Where He Is Today by “Working My Butt Off”

Luke Bryan is proud of where he is in his career— and he wouldn’t change the journey that led him there.

Despite maintaining a demanding agenda filled with touring, American Idol commitments, and a Las Vegas residency, it’s evident that Bryan’s passion for performing remains unwavering. Additionally, his efforts in mentoring the upcoming generation of country artists highlights his continued gratitude for the success he has achieved.

In an exclusive interview with People, Luke Bryan delved into his past and how his dedication towards his music career has shaped him into the person he is today.

“For most of my career I went up there going, I got to prove myself. So it’s really liberating and gratifying to just go, I am what I am,” Bryan told People. “I earned it the old-fashioned way: working my butt off. A lot of people have propped me up and helped me along the way, and I hope they can enjoy the ride too.”

Bryan’s path to the top has been far from smooth, which explains his strong commitment to sharing positivity in light of his accomplishments. The artist, who started his musical journey as a teenager, had initially intended to relocate to Nashville in his early twenties to chase a music career. However, his plans were derailed when his older brother, Chris, tragically passed away in a car accident at the age of 26.

Rather than relocating, Bryan chose to remain with his family, completing his education at Georgia Southern University. It was there that he crossed paths with his future wife, Caroline.

When Bryan eventually achieved recognition with his first single “All My Friends Say” in 2007, he was at the age of 30, equipped with a more mature perspective to navigate the challenges that come with fame.

“When I was younger, I wouldn’t have really known who I was as an artist. Back then I was just singing other people’s songs and trying to figure out what I want to be,” he says.

“Now I know the main thing is to do your best to tell your story in the most authentic and relatable way, Bryan added. “I can’t go back and question any of the stars or fate at how it all shaped out. I look back, and I’m proud of my climb to get here.”

Currently, Luke Bryan is captivating audiences of over 10,000 people every evening during his ongoing Country On tour. Once September arrives, he is scheduled for six performances as part of his yearly Farm Tour. Additionally, he has an impressive lineup of twelve Las Vegas residency dates at Resorts World Las Vegas.

Lately, Bryan found himself in need of a well-deserved pause due to an illness, which led to the unfortunate cancellation of three scheduled shows. Among these cancellations was his performance as the headliner for the three-day Watershed Festival in George, Washington.

“This is such a frustrating weekend.  ‘Shedders, I am sorry to let you down but I am not back singing – can hardly even talk still.  This festival is one of the most beautiful places we perform and one of the most fun crowds always.  I know my friends on the show will bring a great time for you!  Show them all what you got.  Love ya – Luke.”