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Luke Bryan Says That His Kids Google His Net Worth

For Luke Bryan, family always comes first.

After Bryan wraps up his time on the road, whether it’s from a touring stint or fulfilling his role as a judge on American Idol, he deliberately shifts his focus away from his identity as a country music sensation. Instead, his attention is squarely on his two teenage sons, 13-year-old Bo and 15-year-old Tate.

The singer says that their moments together are brimming with meaningful father-son connections, whether it’s through activities like fishing, hunting, or just enjoying each others company. Still, as his kids have grown up and begun to navigate the online landscape, they’ve gradually come to grasp that his profession extends far beyond the normal.

In a conversation with People, Bryan elaborates on the fact that while he might simply be perceived as “just dad” in their eyes, his sons have gradually started uncovering more details about his successful career as they’ve matured – often resorting to the internet for additional information.

“I mean, they totally understand it now when they start Googling Dad’s accomplishments, and reading all the chatter about what the net worth of all this is,” Bryan said. “You have to sit down and really clarify a lot of stuff with them.”

Bryan goes on to explain that he doesn’t consistently show off the advantages of his superstardom, especially if doing so would compromise his family’s upbringing.

“Tate understands that Dad could probably make a call to a rollercoaster park and get some fast passes to get on the rollercoaster, but we send them on trips that they have to wait in line — it’s just balancing,” he explains.

Bryan’s unwavering commitment to providing his children with a sense of normalcy appears to have shown significant benefits over time.

He continues by saying that, “The main thing is just, we tried to raise [them with] respectful, gentlemanly manners and we feel like they’re all of that. So when we get complimented on their manners and their politeness, we’re really proud about that.”

Bryan is actively on the road for his “Country On” tour, which started in June. His upcoming schedule includes six performances for his yearly Farm Tour, a concluding series of shows for his Las Vegas residency, and his annual Crash My Playa festival in Cancún scheduled for January.