YouTube: Joseph Bengivenga

Luke Bryan Stops Concert Mid-Song Due to Hilarious Wardrobe Malfunction

During a lively performance of “That’s My Kind of Night” at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, Luke Bryan found himself in an unexpected, but hilarious, situation.

The country music sensation, who was entertaining a roaring crowd as part of his “Country On Tour,” was completely unaware that he was in the middle of a wardrobe malfunction.

In a surprising twist during the performance, Bryan hit the brakes right in the middle of the song, exclaiming, “Hold up, hold up. STOP!” His band, taken completely by surprise, came to an abrupt halt. With a funny expression of disbelief and hands-on-hips, Bryan suddenly discovered that his zipper had been down throughout the entire show. But, thanks to an attentive fan in the front row, he was swiftly clued in on the situation.

With a mix of embarrassment and amusement, Bryan zipped up, turned to the helpful fan with a grin, and exclaimed, “Thank you for telling me!” Then, in a moment of playful banter, he turned to the rest of the crowd, asking, “Why did none of you a–holes tell me?” Cue laughter from the audience, turning the potentially embarrassing moment into another typical lighthearted Luke Bryan antic.

There’s definitely never a dull moment when Luke Bryan is in the room!