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Luke Combs Look-Alike at Concert Sends Crowd Into a Frenzy

Currently, Luke Combs stands as one of the most famous country artists in the world— and it seems that he’s also the easiest to resemble.

Emulating Combs’ distinctive style involves donning jeans, a baseball cap, a fishing shirt, boots, and a beard, making it a relatively straightforward task for anyone aiming to replicate his appearance.

Well, this man did it so well that he sent a crowd at a Luke Combs concert into an absolute frenzy.

During a tour stop in St. Louis, the incident features a doppelgänger who closely resembles Combs. This look-alike has a matching beard and physique, and is seen wearing a Blue Otters cap along with Combs’ iconic Columbia fishing PFG shirt. While walking through rows of fans to get to his seat, the man received a lot of attention from the crowd, causing some attendees to pull out their phones and capture the moment on video, while others enthusiastically applauded, gave him friendly pats on the back, and exchanged high fives.

He was so convincing that he even caught the attention of the real Luke Combs.

“Fooled me!” Combs said in reply to the viral video.

Without a doubt, if Luke Combs were ever in need of a stand-in, this man would unquestionably be the ideal choice without any hesitation.

The real Luke Combs is currently across the globe on his World Tour. He has a few dates scheduled in Australia before he returns home for a month-long break.