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Madison Prewett Troutt Gets Candid About Her New Book ‘The Love Everybody Wants’ and Her Path to Self-Love and Discovery (Exclusive)

In a world where many people doubt themselves and chase approval from others, Madison Prewett Troutt, who rose to fame from her time on the hit reality show ‘The Bachelor,’ has become a source of inspiration.

In an exclusive chat with Circle All Access, Madison talks about her new book, The Love Everybody Wants, where she opens up about loving yourself, finding who you really are, and the strength of faith. Madison’s journey from reality TV to becoming an author shows her strong commitment to spreading her message, and her book helps readers explore the love of God and how it can change your life.

Madison Prewett Troutt first captured the hearts of millions when she appeared on Season 24 of ‘The Bachelor.’ Though she didn’t ultimately find love on the show, her authenticity and unwavering commitment to her values made her a standout figure. Madison’s decision to prioritize her faith and values over the whirlwind romance offered by reality TV showcased a remarkable level of self-awareness, a trait that continues to define her journey.

The Love Everybody Wants is not just another self-help book. It’s about a love that goes beyond our understanding. Madison shares her experiences openly, combining personal stories with insights on how embracing God’s love can change how we see ourselves and others.

“I started writing this book when I was single and miserable,” Madison shares. “All of my friends were getting married and having babies, and I was watching everyone else get what I wanted.”

She continued, “I was really wrestling with my identity. I had this one moment, where I was praying, and I was just really frustrated with God…and I was like ‘Why have you not given me what I’ve asked for?,’ which is not how faith works at all…and I realized in that moment that I’ve been searching for all the right things in all of the wrong places. I was trying to find an unconditional and never ending love…and ultimately only [God] can give that to you.”

At its core, Madison’s book is a hope-filled challenge to reevaluate what we seek in life. In a culture that often emphasizes external achievements and appearances, The Love Everybody Wants encourages readers to go deeper, to explore the profound love that God offers, and to recognize their worth. Madison believes that when individuals truly grasp the depth of God’s love, they can begin to love themselves authentically, free from the constraints of comparison and insecurity.

“Trying to build relationships with other people without the foundation of God is like trying to build a sturdy house on sand,” she added.

Madison’s journey toward self-love and discovery is a universal one. Many of us have grappled with feelings of inadequacy, sought validation from external sources, and struggled to build meaningful relationships.

After Madison discovered her own path, she also discovered love. She tied the knot with her husband in November of last year, starting a fresh chapter in her life. However, she is determined not to lose her identity as she navigates the world alongside her partner.

“So much of what I talk about in this book still applies to the married person,” she says. “Still knowing where my hope and value comes from, first found in my faith of Jesus, but second knowing my worth as an individual and not trying to find that in someone else has helped me within marriage.”

“Just knowing that [my husband] is a compliment to me, he adds so much to my life— but he doesn’t complete it. I think when we make someone our everything, you lose everything. So, I realize he is a very special gift to my life but he’s not my life. He pushes me closer to my purpose and more into my faith and becoming the women I want to be…and hopefully he would say I do the same for him. It’s beautiful because we’re both just additions and we’re here to add value to each other.”

One main message in The Love Everybody Wants is that self-love isn’t selfish; it’s necessary. Madison stresses that loving yourself is a must before forming good connections with others. When you understand your worth and know that a higher power loves you, you can love and care for others better.

The Love Everybody Wants is meant to be more than just a book; it’s a movement. It challenges society’s superficial notions of love and success and invites individuals to embark on a journey of self-acceptance and spiritual connection. Madison Prewett Troutt’s compelling narrative and unwavering faith serve as an inspiration to all those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the profound love that surrounds them.

“I always say ‘When you lose your Why you’ll lose your Way,” she says. “It’s really easy to get caught up and wanting to please people and wanting to fit in…I’d say that before you set out to accomplish something…know your why, know your vision, and let that be what continues to lead you.”

In a world that often cares more about outside success than inner growth, The Love Everybody Wants reminds us that the most important changes happen within us. Madison Prewett Troutt’s heartfelt journey and the wisdom in her book show us a path to a deeper and genuine love—the love everyone truly desires.

The Love Everybody Wants is available for pre-order now, and will be released on September 19, 2023.