Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart Dropped a New Single Today!

Country legend Marty Stuart dropped his newest single from his highly anticipated upcoming album Altitude today! His new song “Sitting Alone” talks about the human experience as he talks about all he’s learned from life.

Marty explains, “I wrote this song in Buffalo, N.Y., before the pandemic started. I was on a writing spree and when the words appeared on the paper they didn’t quite make any sense to me, but I liked them.” He goes on to say the outcome of the pandemic had an effect on how he writes his lyrics and has given him a new perspective on life.

“It’s become a meaningful song now that I understand it on a deeper level and I think we made a good record out of the song,” Marty states. Listen to “Sitting Alone” here.

His new album, Altitude, drops May 19 and will become his 19th studio album. He has really outdone himself this time! We can’t wait to hear more from Marty Stuart!