More than 1,100 Dolly Parton Look-Alikes Gather to Set World Record

Over the weekend, Ireland witnessed a remarkable event as individuals aimed to beat a new world record.

In the town of Listowel, situated in County Kerry, over 1,100 individuals congregated with a common goal: to look like the legendary country icon, Dolly Parton.

This events purpose was to set the record for “largest gathering of people dressed as Dolly Parton.” To achieve this, participants were required to wear outfits that mirrored her iconic appearances.

Although there wasn’t a previous record set for this achievement, Listowel has a remarkable track record of organizing and setting interesting world records. In the past, the town proudly held the title for orchestrating the largest group of individuals dressed as nuns.

While organizers patiently await the review and certification of their attempt by Guinness World Record officials, which typically takes approximately eight to 12 weeks, the Dolly Day festivities have shown positive results for the community. The event has successfully contributed to the local community, with proceeds being directed towards the Kerry Hospice Foundation and Comfort for Chemo Kerry.