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Nashville Stampede Wins Big on Opening Day of PBR Camping World Series

Over the weekend, the Nashville Stampede gave their local fans a reason to cheer by hosting the PBR Camping World Team Series event at Bridgestone Arena.

As the reigning 2022 PBR Team Series Champions, the Nashville Stampede, a family-run team deeply rooted in Western traditions, is made up of top bull riders from around the world.

During Friday’s showdown, they grabbed an impressive victory against the Missouri Thunder, thanks to a stellar performance by Silvano Alves that sealed the deal.

This incredible 88-0 win not only marked the champs’ first victory of the season but also added an extra layer of excitement as they triumphantly returned to Nashville following their 2022 PBR Teams Championship win.

Additionally, on Sunday, the crowd witnessed 18-year-old Kaiden Loud, a recent high school graduate, secure the Stampede’s 90-0 victory by earning a re-ride on his initial attempt.

The 3-day event drew an impressive amount of support, with a record-breaking crowd in attendance. Friday saw 7,456 fans, Sunday brought out 7,849 attendees, but the real highlight was Saturday, attracting an astounding 13,112 people. This marked a historic moment for the PBR Team Series, as none of their previous events had ever reached full capacity in any city, as noted by Tina Battock, the Stampede’s general manager.

PBR Team Series Season Standings:

  1. Austin Gamblers, 7-1-0-1,395.25
  2. Oklahoma Freedom, 6-2-0-594.25
  3. Carolina Cowboys, 5-3-0-1,225.5
  4. Texas Rattlers, 4-4-0-1,479
  5. Kansas City Outlaws, 4-4-0-1,400.25
  6. Missouri Thunder, 2-6-0-608.75
  7. Arizona Ridge Riders, 1-7-0-694.5
  8. Nashville Stampede, 1-7-0-518.5